-Terms and Conditions-

Original Fieldstand products can only be purchased through our website, any other site selling our products has a very big probability of being of unknown sources. We provide a 3 months warranty for any mechanical/electrical issue present at our timepieces. Our products are completely done by hand so minor imperfections in polishing and finishing may occur.The trademarks and names such as Fieldstand, Tarahumara and Mohinora as well as all of the designs and overall content of this website shouldn’t be used without the prior written consent of the owner of the website. Fieldstand is not responsible of any loss, liability, damage, personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by the customer. Fieldstand is not required to provide any goods until payment has been completely received, in the case where payment does not clear, we have the right to cancel the order completely. Taxes incurred must be paid by the buying part and paid when receiving the goods. Fieldstand will ensure to use the best possible express service so the goods arrive in a timely and safe manner, nevertheless the delivery times may vary depending in the receiver’s location. We will ensure that all the items are in pristine condition prior of being shipped, all issues related to damages and mishandling of packaging are responsibility of the courier services. Fieldstand will not sell or misuse any of your personal data.